capgo innovative bikeparts

“Focusing on the small but very important details, and having them available at all times.”

capgo innovative bike parts

has been created out of a market need

With our comprehensive knowledge of the bike industry and their needs, we have been able to position ourselves as one of the main European OE suppliers for these products.

Our high-quality products are approved by numerous top bike brands, workshops, mechanics and pro cycling teams.

Our services and focus on Europe provides you a reliable business partner to:

  • Reinforce your IBD network all year long
  • Generate additional business & turnover
  • Increase your supply chain process by keeping your investment limited

„We are an important partner of numerous European bike brands. From our central European production and warehouse we deliver quick and without long lead times. With our team and machinery, we can adapt to your specific market needs, so you can focus on your distribution network”.

Why you should work with us?

  • We focus on high quality core items of shift and brake cable systems, but also on other spare and replacement parts
  • We offer products which are a must for the majority of bikes and E-bikes in your market
  • Our target market will continue to increase in volume every year as the consumer behaviour shifts towards eco-friendly measures to increase the product life span

What the PRO says?


“I came across capgo while searching on the net for an alternative for cables and housings. After I found the company, I researched some feedback about their products. When I was convinced that it is a good alternative to …, …, and …, which we have been using the year before, we contacted them.
After the first installation of capgo on our team bikes, I noticed that the friction is lower than before. The feeling on the shifter was easier and the shifting was smoother. Based on my experience with capgo, I can confirm that also the durability is good.

We were using mostly their top-of-the-range orange line products. We did use the blue line for the dropper post, because the corner around the BB is super tight. Also with the blue line cable and housing that we used for the dropper seatpost, we didn’t see any issues, the cable was running smoothly, and the friction was low.

We used 3 different housing end caps and noticed that the alloy end cap with the sealant inside is perfect for the shifting durability performance, whereas, for the lockout and dropper seatpost, we prefer the open end alloy and cap without the sealant.
I conclude, that the capgo products that we used are really good, and I can only recommend using them.“

Nach der ersten Verwendung von capgo an unseren Teamrädern habe ich festgestellt, dass die Reibung geringer ist als vorher. Das Gefühl am Schalthebel war leichter und die Schaltung war geschmeidiger. Aufgrund meiner Erfahrungen mit capgo kann ich bestätigen, dass auch die Haltbarkeit gut ist.

Wir haben hauptsächlich die Spitzenprodukte der Orange Linie verwendet. Für die Sattelstütze haben wir die Blue Line Aussenhülle verwendet, weil die Ecke um das Tretlager sehr eng ist. Auch mit dem Blue Line Zug und der Aussenhülle, das wir für die Sattelstütze verwendet haben, konnten wir keine Probleme feststellen, der Zug lief geschmeidig und die Reibung war gering. 

Wir haben 3 verschiedene Endkappen verwendet und festgestellt, dass die Alu-Endkappe mit Dichtung im Inneren perfekt für die Haltbarkeit der Schaltung ist, während wir für den Lockout und die Dropper-Sattelstütze die offene Endkappe ohne Dichtung bevorzugen.

Ich komme zu dem Schluss, dass die capgo Produkte, die wir verwendet haben, wirklich gut sind, und ich kann ihre Verwendung nur empfehlen.”

– Head Mechanic KMC Orbea Team